Saturday, April 28, 2012

Facebook woes

Hey blogosphere. I made the mistake of posting a frustrated comment on my Facebook. A member of my congregation saw it and emailed me to say they are disappointed and think it is inappropriate. I took the post down and explained the circumstances.

But my hurt heart and struggle remain. I am feeling left out to dry in some ways by the place I am serving. I have no safe place to share concerns and frustrations anymore, having had my trust broken by leadership.

What's a pastor to do blogosphere? My heart needs a place it can be real, and is searching in vain to find that place. What would you do? Where do you go to find support?

Your friend,
Preaching Kate

1 comment:

  1. Living in a "fish bowl" is difficult. I feel your frustration.

    When I'm on Facebook I try to be very aware of the fact that I have parishioners reading my news feed. But there are still times I really want to say something and so that is hard.

    I have a couple friends I can call and/or text and that helps. Also...through Google + me and a few friends have an ongoing chat room going where we can show up and just "talk". I also have a couple "code words" that I can type and the others in the group know what is going they can pray.

    This blog can also be a place to vent. Sometimes just typing out your feelings can be therapeutic.

    God bless.